Privacy Policy VARPU Tennis Club SIA

Privacy Policy VARPU Tennis Club SIA (hereinafter VTC) determines how information is collected and used, as well as measures to protect your privacy that you can take as a customer of our company. Using VTC services you trust us with your information. This privacy policy is designed to inform the user about what information we collect, why we do this and how we use it.


Information received

  1. Personal information: name, surname, date of birth, gender, address, telephone number, e-mail address.
  2. Payment information: when paying for services, VTC receives information about your bank account, bank institution. Information about the payment card is collected and processed in the worldline payment system.
  3. Cookies and similar technologies: when using VTC services, various technologies are used to collect and store information that involve the use of cookies to collect and store data.


Transparency and choice

The purpose of VTC is to specify what information the company collects so that the user can make a choice regarding the use of the collected information. You can view and control the information associated with your account. The user can block cookies in his Internet browser, including those associated with VTC services.


Use of collected information

The information collected by VTC is used to provide, maintain, protect and improve the quality of existing and developing new services, as well as to protect users. Also, the collected information is used to offer personalized content and advertising to VTC customers.

As part of the provision of services for the use of which an account is required in VTC, VTC has the right to use the name, surname and name of the profile that the user specified when registering his profile.

When you contact VTC, we store your messages in order to monitor and improve the quality of the service. We can use your email address to inform you about our services and to inform you about upcoming changes.

The information that VTC collects, using cookies and other technologies, is used to improve the experience of interaction and improve the quality of services.

When users are shown personalized advertising, identifiers from cookies and similar technologies do not correspond to sensitive categories: race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation or health status.

VTC processes personal information on the SIA Area IT servers.


Access to and update of personal information

VTC provides the user with access to his personal information regardless of the time of use of the services. If this information is incorrect, we will try to update or delete it as soon as possible.

VTC provides its services in such a way that information is protected from accidental or malicious destruction. Therefore, from the time you delete information from VTC services, it may take some time before deleting unnecessary copies of this data from active servers.


VARPU Tennis Club SIA and information shared by users

You agree that the data you provide will be used for processing in the VTC database. Personal data you can correct or delete by contacting

Your data will be stored while you use VTC services.

You have the right to correct and delete the information provided. In this case, the data is stored for some time, to exclude accidental or malicious removal by a third party.

VTC agrees, upon your request, to delete the data received from you.

According to Art. 13 of the REGULATION OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL (EC) No. 2016/679, you have the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority.


The user has the right to request a copy of the stored personal data, personally at the address: Vārpu iela 17A. Mārupe. VARPU Tennis Club SIA identifying itself as the owner of the profile. The stored personal data will be prepared within two weeks after the receipt of the request.

The procedure for the removal and recovery of personal information: Based on the conditions of use of the VTC portal, the company has the right to delete the personal data of the user by deleting the profile.


Security measures

VTC takes the following measures to protect the portal and its users from unauthorized access to information, its modification, disclosure or destruction:

Encryption using the SSL standard;

Two-step verification for access to the account.

Access to personal information is only available to VTC employees, contractors and representatives who need to know this information for processing on our behalf, who are strictly required to comply with the confidentiality requirements provided by the contract and are informed of the responsibility in case of non-compliance with these requirements.

VTC privacy policy applies to all services offered by the company.

Compliance with policies and cooperation with regulatory agencies: VTC regularly reviews its compliance with this privacy policy.

After receiving the complaint or demanding support, we will contact the applicant to decide on further action. As part of the investigation of any complaint regarding the transfer of personal information that we were not able to resolve when communicating with a specific person, VTC cooperates with regulatory agencies, including local data protection agencies.



This privacy policy may change. VTC does not limit the rights of users mentioned in this privacy policy, without their consent. All changes to the privacy policy are posted on this page.

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